About Us

Osborne's Supermarket is a third-generation, family-owned grocery in Hugo, Colorado. Just as the previous generations had, the current owners, Lucas & Megan, are committed to providing an excellent shopping experience, fostering top-notch customer service, and striving to help our community thrive.

Osborne's Supermarket is open Monday-Saturday from 8AM to 6PM. We offer a senior (65+) discount every Wednesday and provide free delivery to Hugo residents on Fridays.


Please note, not all items may be available at this time and picture representations may be slightly different than product in store. We reserve the right to limit quantities and to offer substitutions of similar products. Our current advertised specials, click on the PDF image below to zoom in:

Contact Us:

Osborne's Supermarket

337 4th St.

PO Box 607

Hugo, CO 80821

Phone: 719-743-2461

Fax: 719-743-2465

Email: osmhugo@hotmail.com